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Multigenerational (Multigen) Goldendoodles
What does that mean

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Sweet Potato

White Girl

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Ginger Bread

Grey Girl

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Brown Boy

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Apple Pie

Green Girl

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Orange Boy

Multigenerational (Multigen) Goldendoodles, sometimes referred to as F2 Goldendoodles, have two F1 or F1b Goldendoodle parents. These Multigen Goldendoodles have parents that are Goldendoodles. You would have to go back to their grandparents or great grandparents to find the Poodles and Golden Retrievers. Most experienced Goldendoodle breeders prefer Multigen Goldendoodles, as opposed to F1 and F1B, due to the benefits of genetic diversity, while their families simply adore them for other obvious reasons.


A Very Hypoallergenic Dog That’s Virtually Shed-Free

Hypoallergenic Dogs Have Hair Instead of Fur: Dogs like your average Retriever have fur who’s coat is made up of two coats of fur that sheds continuously throughout the year as newer shorter hairs grow in. Dogs with hair, on the other hand, have a coat that grows continuously longer and longer, much like human hair. The resulting coat is more consistent and easier to maintain.

They Won’t Shower You With Dust and Dander

As Dr. Bernadine D. Cruz (host of “The Pet Doctor” on Pet Life Radio) explains, most people with pet allergies aren’t allergic to dog hair. They’re allergic to pet dander — a.k.a. dandruff. What makes hypoallergenic dogs better for people with allergies? “Because they shed less, dogs with hair spread less dander around your home,” says Christa Holmans, founder of the dog training center Central Texas Balanced Dogs. You can even further reduce dander by having your pet groomed regularly. There’s less dog hair to clean up & even those who aren’t allergic to dogs can appreciate this benefit because a hypoallergenic dog sheds less, you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning dog hair off yourself, your furniture and floor. “If you want a clean house, a shed-free dog may be for you,” says Holmans.

Adorable Quintessential Goldendoodle Look and Cute Personality

The Multigen Goldendoodle dogs typically have wavy or curly coats and the fluffy faces that most people think of when they picture a Goldendoodle. These adorable Multigen Goldendoodles are the ultimate combination of good looks, smart wits, and playfulness.
Coat Types

Because of the genetics at play in multigens, all three coat types are possible, each with its own unique set of qualities.

Wavy Coats

The soft, wavy coat can occur in all generations of Goldendoodles and is fairly common in multigens. Also known as a teddy bear coat, the wavy coat has an irresistible shaggy appearance and hair-like texture.

Curly Coat

The curly coat is also fairly common and can consist of loose curls, tight curls, or curls somewhere in between. Considered to be the lowest shedding coat, this coat can look similar to a Poodle’s, but because it can easily develop mats, daily brushing is required.

Many owners choose to clip the coat to make grooming more manageable.

Straight Coat

The smooth straight coat resembles that of a Golden Retriever but is quite fluffy. This is the easiest coat type to care for as it only requires minimal brushing.

Amazing Temperament and Personality
The higher concentration of Golden Retriever genes usually produces Goldendoodles with extremely good temperaments. The qualities that have made the Golden Retriever so incredibly popular really come through in these multigens. The truth is that, yes, multi-generational Goldendoodles are wonderful pets with terrific personalities, but you really can’t go wrong with any generation unless you suffer from extremely severe allergies.

The Multigen Goldendoodle is one of the most popular designer dogs, or hybrids, in North America, even though it's only been around since the early 1990s. With a charming personality and a goofy, fun-loving nature, owners are quick to list off the positive traits of this popular family pet. In the end, all Goldendoodles tend to be quite friendly, highly affectionate, intelligent, playful and we believe Multigen Goldendoodles truly are  the perfect addition to the family.

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